What A Difference A Couple of Days Can Make

The other day, we completed what we like to call a "MimiRe-Works", where we use 2/3 cup of client's treasures and mix them with 1/3 cup our own - no special orders necessary! Upon meeting this client at the studio, we found out what a small design world we live in. I worked with this client on several projects, only on a different level - he was referred to us by one of my dearest clients because he was their contractor! Referrals really do make the world go 'round...at least here at MimiWorks.

So, I met with John and Heidi and came up with a game plan for their Packer themed basement "Re-Work" and VOILA...an incredible space! I was so glad to have been invited back to "Re-Work" other areas in their "neat-o" home. Below you can scroll through before and after photos of both spaces.

Yet another great example of our team entering as strangers and leaving as family. Our clients are just awesome!